Add Your Own Photo Custom Made Italian Charm

SKU: dpDP_Cust003

Picture of Add Your Own Photo Custom Made Italian Charm
* Please choose frame finish
* Please upload the image for the charm    
* Standard dispatch 5-10 working days. The rest of your order willbe held until photo charms are ready unless you choose separate delivery. This is only needed ONCE per order not per photo charm.

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Add you own photo to this 9mm Italian charm which fits all 9mm classic size Italian charm bracelets.  These are large frame photo charm, with the frame attached to the charm which allows for a larger clearer image.

IMPORTANT  - If you want to order multiple photo charms with different images please upload your photo, add to basket, then repeat this process for each different photo.  If you upload multiple photos to the same product before adding it to your basket we will only receive the last photo uploaded.  JPG images are preferaable.

How to Choose your Photo.

1.  When choosing your photo please choose a clear good quality high resolution image.  The better the photo the better the end results.  

2.  The photo charm is only 9mm in size therefore photos are better with one or two people (faces close together) per image.  More than three people in the photo will make the faces very small when reproduced. 

3. Photos that DO NOT work well on this product include :- Large groups of people. Photos of one tall person next to a much smaller person or child.  Dark grainy images.  Photos of the subject on a similar colour background - for example a black dog on a black background.  Photos containing text - text will generally not be readable.  Photo collages made of lot's of images - please remember the end product is less than 1cm big!

4. We may crop your original photo to take out any background etc that is not needed, we will always crop to the faces shown in the picture.  If the image is the wrong shape (i.e. rectangular) for the charm we may add a frame of a colour to suit the image around it.

5.  If you have a special requirement or way that you would like your photo to appear on the charm then please let us know before production as it cannot be changed after.

6.  By purchasing this item it is assumed that you have read and agree to the terms of sale above.

All our charms come in official Daisy Charm branded packaging. This is a single Italian charm for use with other Italian charm products.   © Copyright 2012 JSC Jewellery, All rights Reserved. Daisy Charm® - Registered Trade Mark of JSC Jewellery

Please note we are unable to add any text/images which may infringe on another persons Copyright or Trade Mark eg band names, football teams, pictures of celebrities etc.  We also cannot reproduce professional photos stamped with the photographers copyright - your order will be cancelled.  By uploading images for production you are confirming that you own the copyright.

NOTE:- Custom picture charms take on average 5 working days days to produce and dispatch.  Normally we will hold all of your order until the custom charms are ready, however if you would like your custom charm to be sent separately following on from your main order please choose the option from the pull down list below.  If you have multiple custom picture charms in your order you only need to choose this option on one charm and we will dispatch all custom charms separately.  Please not that choosing express delivery on checkout will NOT speed up the production of the charms, this only relates to the delivery speed.